My first preset

So for the past few weeks/months I’ve been working on some personal presets. Presets to actually release for you to try and figure stuff out. I have not given an actual name for it but you can at least see the before and after shots.

This first preset is based on a warm tint combined with a bit of noise and a heavy contrast. But like any preset available out there by any artists, not all preset works on every photo you shoot. This preset works for my specific shots so you’ll have to adjust to yours to get the same results. This nameless preset will be available for 24 hours for free which will be announced on the IG! After that it’ll be gone. Well not exactly gone but not for free anymore. Click here as it takes you to my last blog where I used my preset as well.


These photos were taken in Aotearoa, New Zealand. Couple of these shots were taken in Tamaki Makaurau – also known as Auckland City. So with that being said – protect Ihumātao! #protectihumatao

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