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Accepting failure

Well that turned out shitty. I felt confident, went out and all set and ready to get shit done but then … first attempt failed … hard! Luckily it is all part of the process even if it is a big failure. I managed to shoot only a few good ones but as a whole it was a total mess.

So this small town is not the place to look for any entertainment except maybe the movie theaters and a few places to eat. Other than that it’s just a small quiet town so you can just throw any exciting expectations out the door immediately. This is when things got complicated real fast. When I thought I had it – I didn’t. When I thought I shot something unique – I didn’t as well. Come to find out during and after the shoot I caught myself repeating shooting the same perspective I had already done during previous shoots. Last thing I want to do is to shoot the same thing over and over. It limits your creative perspective.

How to fix this? Accept failure, go outside again and shoot even more no matter how many times you mess up your shoots. Accept failure, adjust your offensive gameplan and go on from there. Again – accept failure and do it again.


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