I’m going to change the Blogisodes routine. I was hesitant at first but now I’m sure of it. Sorry if its confusing but hey … I’m working on it!

Okay so here it is. Usually the Jam Session will be posted every Wednesday and the Blogisodes on a Saturday. Well the Blogisodes will stay as it is but the Jam Session will be posted every two weeks. So one week it’s Blogisode week and the next week its Jam Sessions week. Also the featured images will change as well.

But before it will change here is the latest playlist we have been listening to. Nothing new. Actually quite the opposite. Just a nostalgic playlist of old school Rock music. Take a listen.


Voodoo Child | Slight Return

by Jimi Hendrix


Life’s Been Good

by Joe Walsh


Ramble On

by Led Zeppelin


Start Me Up

by Rolling Stones



by Black Sabbath


So just to clarify, every other week on Wednesday its Jam Sessions and Saturday the Blogisodes. Btw, If there are any songs or album you think we should hear for this occasion or you have your own music then let us know by commenting below with a link.

See ya next Wednesday !

Horomate | JM1990


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