First week of 2017 and we have started our week in full force. Halfway there of the week we have accomplish some work already. We have a new sample coming in either this week or next week. It looks pretty dope so stay tuned fam!

For this weeks playlist, at first I thought of songs from 2016. Since it is the first week of 2017 I figured why not. It took a good amount of time of searching to find my top songs of 2016. It took a while but I had to break it down in more than 5 songs. A year is a long time u know.

But my mind is in a bit of a rage. If this makes sense but my mind goes super fast and super slow at the same time. Fast because time flies. Slow because old negativity hunts my mind. Which is fine because sometimes it helps me to blow off steam. I went for a quick run this early morning and listened to  music that could speak to my mind.

So after I finished searching my top songs of 2016, I switched it up by making a playlist how my mind is thinking right now. Here are the songs of this weeks playlist. Its a mixture of genres so take a listen:



by Outkast


How I Could Just Kill A Man | LIVE

by Rage Against The Machine ft. Cypress Hill.


Way I am

by Eminem


Enter Sandman

by Metallica


Devil’s Pie

by D’Angelo


Youo know, I get it. Some songs you rather not listen to. But hey, we were in the mood for it lol. Being open minded I guess. If there are any songs or album you think we should hear for this occasion or you have your own music then let us know by commenting below with a link.

See ya next Wednesday !

Horomate | JM1990


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