I know I know, we admit. Posts on IG and Pinterest are slacking a bit, but these Jam Sessions and the Blogisodes posts will never be too late online! But we are back again.

We are back with some new songs for this weeks playlist. Well some songs are not particularly new, but some are. There are some certain personal favorite of mine . But hey thats just my opinion lol. It got me dancing while working and preparing the packages. So here it is. Welcome back and here are the songs starting of with:


Don’t Worry Bout It

by Kings 



by Afrojack Ft. Ty Dolla $ign 


Love For That

by Mura Masa



by Mocki | Jai Wolf Remix



by NEIKED Ft. Dyo


These are our top songs for the week. Hope you’ll enjoy the songs like we do. Don’t worry, the Blogisodes every other week on a Saturday and the Jam Sessions will always be on a Wednesday. If you got some songs that we didn’t heard off yet, let us know. If you wanna stay up-to-date, you can follow us on  Instagram and Pinterest.

See ya next Wednesday !

Horomate | JM1990

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