Recently its getting colder and colder and colder and a hell of a lot colder these days. Maybe its just me exaggerating a bit, but I just don’t like the cold weather. Typical Amsterdam-ish weather.

The one thing I like about a cold weather is staying inside the house with a hot cuppa tea or coffee. So to keep our body and mind warm (mostly because we turned up the heat lol) here is a Reggae playlist for ya. First of all Bob Marley comes first as always when it comes to Reggae music, but here are some Pacific Reggae we’ve been jamming this week. Old ones or new ones, doesn’t matter. Welcome back guys and stay warm!


Feast On Your Love

by Ya Ma Boy 


Good Cry

by J Boog Ft. Chaka Demus 


Down With You

by Katchafire


One Solou

by Onetox


Love and Effection

by Three Houses Down Ft. General Fiyah


These are our top songs for the week. Hope it’ll keep you warm for those who are surrounded by the cold lol. If you got some songs that we didn’t heard off yet, let us know.

Also as of tomorrow Dec 1th the trucker caps will be available. If you wanna stay up-to-date to any new Blogisodes, Jam Sessions or new products, you can follow us on Instagram and Pinterest.

See ya next Wednesday !

Horomate | JM1990

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