T H I S   I S   N O T   J U S T   A   B R A N D .   I T   I S   A   F A M I L Y   R O O T


Nunu & Saku roughly translated means ‘Tree & Life’. In this world millions of trees has lived for a hundred years plus. That is the point when it matters for us. To be able to leave something behind that lasts forever. Your work of success is as strong as the root of trees as they will be told forever. The more difficult it gets the better the result. We at NN&SK are only here to remind and support your work achieving your success.

We are a brand based in the Netherlands, Europe inspired by our native Melanesian roots, surf, skate and nature . To us, it is not about selling the brand or the type of clothing we design just to look good. Our message is to encourage, trigger and support to anyone who wants to achieve success, perfect your craft that will last longer than you can imagine. Like a tree that can live a lot longer than you think.